Diversity Life at SMS digital


SMS digital is characterized by a wide variety of cultures.

At SMS digital we not only combine competences but also people from different nations with the most diverse stories. The diversity we live in is the cornerstone of our innovative strength because development is only possible in a place where the most diverse people come together. We are all working together for the same goal - to digitalize tomorrow's industries!

Inclusion is not just an empty phrase for us - that's why everyone is treated equally, appreciatively, and integratively at SMS digital. Because only those who can freely contribute their own identity can also exploit their full potential and work satisfactorily, that is why equal opportunities are just as valuable to us as inclusion.

Our employees' diverse skills and experiences all around the world enable us to have an increasingly large store of knowledge, both on a professional and human level, which continues to grow with every new culture. That is why we value the differences between our employees, and we encourage them to actively incorporate their culture into our company.

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To me at the time, the German language was like how most of German feel about the Chinese language – totally foreign and full of hostile rules and exceptions.

Even though I don’t own a German passport, it does not stop me from working under the same roof, with the best colleagues, at essential topics, and in comparable conditions, just as anyone else would. Other than occasional imperceptions of certain German jokes from colloquially versatile colleagues, there’s little time when I have to say to myself: After all, you’re Chinese and therefore don’t come with German humor.

Cultural diversity in a company is like a multicolored painted canvas. It is up to us to make it beautiful or messy.

For me, diversity means the chance to explore different cultural dimensions - allowing ourselves to learn from each other and to respect each other. Good diversity management means creating equal opportunities and establishing collaboration to achieve more success. I am very happy to be part of such a multicultural company.

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We are an international team. In 2020, we signed the "Charta der Vielfalt" and stand by our commitment to value and promote every single team member. At our company, every new employee is fully integrated and accepted. We foster an inclusive work environment where every single employee has room to grow and individual needs are respected.

Our diversity is what makes us creative and we are proud of that. 


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Charta der Vielfalt

As a member of the "Charta der Vielfalt", we actively practice diversity management and see it as our goal to further strengthen this in the future.