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The art of knowledge sharing in an agile software company

Knowledge is a central resource in every company. Knowledge sharing within teams is all the more important when it comes to developing products together. But how do you inform the entire company about all the developments that take place? At SMS digital, we have some excellent solutions for this.

Agile work is based on shared values ​​such as transparency, self-organization, commitment, and ownership. Collaboration at team level is an important tool here. However, to promote more than just knowledge sharing within the team, we at SMS digital invite all employees to participate in the team's sprint reviews, paper talks, and other formats. In monthly all-hands meetings, our teams present what they are currently working on. Paper talks help us delve deeper into specific topics, discuss them, and gain new scientific knowledge. Or new colleagues tell us which exciting topics they have worked on in the past and in which area they are the experts. Everyone at SMS digital is well informed at all times and, above all, enjoys taking the initiative and reporting on their own topic.

We are continually working on new formats to inform and train every employee. Since we as a company produce software for the metal industry, necessary background knowledge is essential. Employees such as software developers or data scientists can acquire new specialist knowledge through external and internal training: How is steel actually produced? What are the pain points of customers in the metal industry? Further training is an essential tool, not only for professional but also for personal development. Agile work means that we always keep an eye on our project progress transparently and can react flexibly to changes - if plans simply change.

Agile working methods

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Scrum allows to detect possible problems and delays quickly and early. In this way, knowledge is continuously exchanged in the team. A minor side effect here is that team members train T-shaped skills. This means that they are experts in their field, but they can also work outside their core area.


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The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method use an agile approach to help teams prioritize and set measurable and ambitious goals. They are one of the leading tools that help promote self-managed, high-performance teams and support an organization's transformation to become more responsive.

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Self-responsible teamwork

Teams take responsibility for their own actions. Decisions are made where the expertise is located. The pyramid turns upside down, the comprehensive platform supported from below is now in demand, on which the teams can work successfully. Clear goals and guidelines replace small-scale planning.

Benefits of knowledge sharing

  • Promotes innovation, productivity & creativity
  • Facilitates decision-making
  • Increases the ability to act
  • Crucial know-how is not lost when an employee leaves the company
  • Promotes open and transparent communication
  • The working atmosphere is changed positively
  • Prevents errors and duplication of work
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SMS digital not only stands for implementing our vision of the Learning Steel Plant – we also see ourselves as a learning company. That is why we are so focused on creating and living a culture of knowledge sharing. What do you need? Enthusiasm, commitment, and something interesting to tell.

You don't have to know everything. You just need to know where to find it – or who to ask.