OKR's to achieve goals together

The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method use an agile approach to help teams prioritize and set measurable and ambitious goals. Originally, OKRs were initiated by Intel and successfully implemented by Google and LinkedIn. Today, more and more companies are recognizing and taking advantage of OKRs. They are seen as one of the leading tools that help promote self-managed, high-performance teams and support an organization's transformation to become more responsive.

OKRs are set, tracked, and reevaluated every quarter, which distinguishes OKRs from traditional planning methods. They serve to promote the team perspective, set clear priorities, and ensure that everyone goes in the same direction.

The OKRs are visible to everyone in the organization.  So every team knows what other teams are doing. This will make the work of the additional work and that teams are working on very different goals.