We all know that it is not always easy to find the right work-life balance. All the more so when a company's structures are not flexible enough for this. At SMS digital, however, we also know that creativity and efficiency cannot be tied to fixed office hours or locations. The best ideas sometimes come early in the morning or late in the evening, at home, on the train or during sports activities. Innovations live through the freedom to work on them – whenever you want, wherever you are. We attach great importance to this.

With us, you can strike a better balance between your work and your personal needs, because personal appointments cannot always be made outside of working hours. With our flexible working time models, parents also have more free time for their children. A healthy work-life balance is important because reconciling family life, work, and leisure time is essential for your own well-being as well as for your mental and physical health.

This also includes the flexibility of working from another location for a while – for example in your home country during longer visits to the family or even in times of crisis: Our whole team is working remotely during the pandemic, because the safety and health of employees is always our number one priority. Or is a longer break needed? We also support sabbaticals and time off work for personal reasons.

No one works productively and efficiently round the clock, five days a week and we do not demand this of our employees either. You have to be able to switch off at regular intervals to remain motivated and more balanced in the longer term – an important prerequisite for enjoying your job.

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