Plug & Work

Saving time - a competitive edge

The sooner a new or revamped plant goes into operation, the faster the investments pays off. But where to find unused potential to speed up the installation, commissioning and ramp-up? Today's largely pre-assembled plant components and intelligent modular designs already exhaust most of the options for saving time on mechanical engineering during installation.

Based on the idea of the Digital Twin SMS group has developed Plug & Work: A concept to ensure even more time savings in the installation and ramp-up phase. Instead of starting the test series for the electrical and automation systems and the operator training courses after the installation of the mechanical equipment is completed, Plug & Work brings these activities forward and allows them to be carried out in parallel to the construction work.


  • Fault-free equipment
  • Short commissioning times
  • Reliable and quick run-up
  • High product quality and good plant availability from the very beginning
  • Well-trained operating personnel right from the start of production
  • Early return on investment (ROI)