Energy Management


Efficient energy management for sustainable production

Reduce your carbon footprint

The demand for energy and resources is steadily increasing. Intelligent solutions are needed to achieve a sustainable balance between economic growth and environmental responsibility. Effective energy and sustainability management is therefore of central importance for the metals and process industry and has a decisive effect on its cost efficiency and carbon footprint.

Increase your competitiveness by investing in improved processes, technologies and corporate culture. Identify inefficiency, avoid waste and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to become a pioneer for the industry of the future.

We are there to help you achieve this. In cooperation with our partners Vetta and Viridis, we as SMS digital are developing AI-controlled software solutions to respond to the growing demand for energy- and resource-saving production.

Vetta operates a competence center for industrial digitization based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with a clear focus on efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Since 2001, Vetta has established a strong presence in the metals industry and provides solutions for digital transformation based on sophisticated AI technologies, including data-driven models for process efficiency, planning and optimization. In line with the vision of the SMS group's Learning Steel Plant, we cooperate with Vetta to develop state-of-the-art solutions for industry customers worldwide and supply digital products, customer-specific applications and consulting services. These solutions comply with the highest standards in terms of performance, ease of use and interoperability, while at the same time improving the solution’s degree of customization and achieving a faster creation of value. 


Energy Platform

Viridis is an integrated platform for energy, resource and sustainability management for energy-intensive process industries. The platform utilizes the power of IoT, big data, machine learning and many other technologies from the field of Industry 4.0.

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