Energy Platform

Viridis is an integrated platform for energy, resource and sustainability management for energy-intensive process industries. The platform utilizes the power of IoT, big data, machine learning and many other technologies from the field of Industry 4.0 to significantly reduce energy and resource consumption while at the same time improving efficiency, planning and administration.

We help you to make your energy management efficient and sustainable using intelligent digital solutions. This allows you to make more precise energy forecasts, optimize your cost calculation and simplify management workflows.

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The applications for energy, resource and sustainability management include:

  • Tracking: Monitoring and improvement of energy, resource and sustainability performance.
  • Design: Integration of human resources, processes and systems with regard to energy efficiency and operational excellence.
  • Efficiency: Artificial intelligence and advanced analysis for energy and operational efficiency.
  • Cost accounting: Improved accountability through management of direct energy costs.
  • Portfolio: Prioritization, execution, measurement and verification of initiatives to improve energy performance.
  • Planning: Forecasting, simulation and optimization of energy consumption and energy generation.
  • Contracts: Management, simulation and execution of energy contracts.
  • Bills: Automatic recording, verification and payment of energy bills.
  • Budgeting: Adaptable business process management approach for the coordination of energy budgeting and monitoring of its execution.

Efficient solutions in the field of energy and sustainability are of central importance for the entire steel and metals industry. They have decisive influence on the cost-efficiency of your company and act as a lever for reducing your carbon footprint. SMS digital offers digitalization solutions that integrate all production areas of the steel and metals industries worldwide.

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