Way of working

 With a user-oriented approach, we make sure that our products add value to our customer from the very beginning and that we use our resources efficiently. The product user plays a significant role in the product development. His or her feedback is decisive for the development of a solution. The cycle of the product development can be subdivided into three phases:

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Ideation Phase

Finding ideas

We detect the issue and identify the Pain Points with the customer and generate ideas with the help of modern innovative methods.

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Validation Phase

Testing ideas

With first prototypes we test and validate the generated business ideas and evaluate the development of the market as the basis for the decision making.

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Implementation Phase

Implementing of a MVP

The MVP is tested live and made available to the customer. With the continuous feedback we improve the product until it is ready for the market.

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Design Thinking

In Terms of Design Thinking we put ourselves in the position of our customers and jointly identify the issue. This is the key to success: if we truly understand the customer’s issue, we can develop innovative products or services, that are utterly user-oriented, as well as feasible and marketable. The customer is involved in the development right from the start.

During the development we not only speak about possible solutions, but make the ideas visible with prototypes as soon as possible, thereby making them communicable. Thus, potential users can test them before the completion and market launch and give valuable feedback. Thus, creating practical and attractive products.

Lean Startup

The goal of the Lean Start-up method, is using the existing resources efficiently. It is crucial to design a solution, which initially only contains the most important functions for the elimination of the Pain Points and is marketable as quickly as possible. For this purpose, we use the so called Minimum Viable Products (MVP – a viable product, containing only basic features), with which the main hypotheses of an idea can quickly be tested. Thereby we prevent „Featuritis“, and can focus the development on truly valuable functions.

A MVP represents the prototype of the future product and the first users can play an active part in the product design in an early state with feedback and ideas for improvement.

From the very beginning we can test if the product is accepted on the market or if it can be realized with all technical requirements. We prefer to fail early in the process – without high costs - than after a long and expensive development.

With the feedback from the market, we continuously improve the product, which in the end meets the requirements and wishes of the customer or the market.

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