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5G for Health and Safety

Health & safety issues are playing an increasingly important role in the learning steel plant. In connection with the new possibilities of 5G technology, a sophisticated security concept for construction sites, plants, or maintenance becomes possible. Geo-fencing both indoors and outdoors on the factory premises opens up completely new possibilities for employee safety at the plant.

Digitalization and 5G make it possible to control the safety inside the learning steel plant actively: Crane and safety areas can be automatically and person-related blocked, and autonomous means of transport can be precisely located via triangulation. In this way, accidents can be avoided, and persons involved in accidents can be found more quickly in the plant.

In conjunction with 5G, safety concepts for high-risk areas can only be realized with the help of camera applications. Machines and systems are only released again after service interventions when the employees have left the safety areas, and this has been confirmed in the system via tracking.

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Safety instructions are provided as video material that can be called up at any time. The six most important topics of occupational safety (hazardous substances, personal safety equipment, occupational health and safety, fire protection, explosion protection, and first aid) are intelligently linked together and form an efficient digital tool for the comprehensive design of occupational safety.

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