Operator Education

Operators need to learn how to control and optimize the process. This is necessary for new operators but even for experienced operators that are facing changing circumstances and that have to adapt. Money is lost by wrong or not optimal process control. When new plants are being installed or existing plants are being modernized, the digital twin can support operators to learn how to handle the machines and processes even before they are fully assembled and in operation. 

By bringing together a digital mockup of the plant, all relevant process models, and the plant documentation, the operation of the plant can be simulated. That way, operators can learn how to handle the various production processes, how to react to process deviations, or solve problems. That way, the operators know their plant before it is actually up and running. This not only shortens the ramp-up phase, it also contributes to production safety.

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  • By training on the virtual machine the daily production is not influenced, and the time spent on training can be maximized.
  • Errors that occur by wrong decisions do not affect the machine and the risks are minimal.
  • The ramp-up phase can be shortened due to training before the plant is up and running.