Rule based evaluation of the total flow of the laminar cooling valves

Process Condition Analyzer

The rule set of the PCA Process monitoring evaluates the flow of the laminar cooling group when there is a strip in the laminar cooling section and all valve of laminar cooling group are open. The result gives a good long term indication about the behavior of this laminar cooling group.It turns out that within 1.5 years the total flow is decrease by 160 m³/ which is about 13 %.

One potential reason could be, that the water nozzles are clogging up slowly over time. This behavior does not necessarily lead to product quality problems, because the cooling model adapts to the decreasing water flow automatically. Due to the adaption of the cooling model this malfunction of the nozzles will not be recognized for a long time. If special products with a very high water requirement shall be rolled, problems might occur over time.

By correlating the measured real-time production values with the set values from the Process Condition Analyzer and the according evaluation rules it is possible to predict the performance of the cooling section. Additional correlation with product quality demands from e.g. the customer specifications make it also possible to predict potential problems before the production starts.

Process Condition Analyzer

In order to keep your production processes optimally under control and to be able to make efficient decisions, you need comprehensive knowledge of the origin and significance of your plant data. The Process Condition Analyzer (PCA) assists you with the intelligent interpretation of these data, so that downtimes can be reduced and maintenance activities can be improved.

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  • Long term advice for adaptation of set-point, operators or maitenance teams
  • Identification of needs for action for maintenance teams, further investigations or exchange of valves or cooling headers
  • Avoid unexpected production problems due to reduced amount of water

Total Flow of Laminar Cooling Valves

Customer Use Case

The Process Condition Analyzer rules check the total flow of Laminar cooling, when all valves are open

  • Within 1.5 years the total flow was decreased by 160 m³/ which is about 13 %
  • One potential reason was that the water nozzle were clogging up
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