Segment Advisor

Pain Points

Product quality is related to the state of the machine and as well as the process and its control. Optimizing in regard to only one of these aspects is consequently not optimal.

In the casting process, product quality is determined by various elements. One of those is the condition and positioning of the caster segments. By bringing together all condition and maintenance related data for each caster segment and information on the production plan and the related demand to the process, predictive maintenance for the caster segments can be conducted. Also it is possible to predict whether the plant in the right condition to execute the next casting sequence based on its current condition. This not also results in lower maintenance costs due to less wear-caused downtimes. It also improves product quality and reduces costs for downgrading and reworks. 

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  • Consistent product quality by recording the plant condition and quality influencing factors
  • Presentation of the main factors influencing product quality to support a targeted elimination of defects
  • Reduction of downgrading caused by process deveations
  • Redution of downtimes due to segment wear
  • Prediction of product quality based on current caster (segment) condition
  • Simulation and testing for prodct developments