Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Start your industrial revolution now!

The Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT for short, is a cutting-edge technology that has become indispensable for digital transformation. It is a specific form of the Internet of Things that is used particularly in manufacturing and industrial environments. Unlike the Internet of Things (IoT), it does not focus on consumers and end users, but on industrial processes. We support you on this way and, together with you, implement digital applications for your learning steel plant. 

  • The IIoT ensures greater efficiency in operational and production processes 
  • Allows for cost reductions and
  • Supports the implementation of new business models 

In this way, production and maintenance processes can be adapted in real time to unforeseen requirements – from anywhere, at any time. Modern innovation methods, metallurgical process expertise and technological competence enable us to perfectly tailor products to suit the needs of our customers. 

We offer software solutions for the maintenance of your plant, for efficient production planning and for optimized quality management. These applications communicate with each other and gradually develop the ability to optimize themselves – this is our vision of the learning steel plant.

In our software applications, large amounts of data are refined by means of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make machines and plants operate faster, more efficiently, and in a more cost-effective and more resource-saving manner.

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DiscovermySMS Platform

We develop smart applications and make them available to you on our cloud-based IIoT platform mySMS. On the mySMS platform, you will find all the applications that make your plants and machines ready for digital transformation.