Product Overview


Digital applications for maximum plant efficiency

The steel industry now finds itself in the age of digitalization. High plant availability levels, a consistently perfect plant condition, and maximum product quality are key factors when it comes to optimum plant operation. The demands for more efficient and sustainable production processes are growing all the time, and the higher level of automation calls for modular solutions that create connectivity. The interaction of all modular solutions from SMS digital is bringing plants a step closer to becoming a learning steel plant.

Here, artificial intelligence and machine learning are essential components of sustainable and resource-efficient production.

Industrial digitalization is far more complex than conventional office digitalization. It requires digitalization skills, process and plant know-how. 
At the same time, its added value is far bigger. 


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Good to know:

Our products can be connected to any system, irrespective of the supplier, automation system, greenfield or brownfield.

In order to meet the challenges of digital transformation, companies need software that processes large volumes of data and analyzes them to identify important connections and relationships. We make this possible and, at the same time, assist you with smart applications to make faster and reliable decisions.

You have a clear view of everything: You can access your entire plant in real time from any device. The visualization options in intuitive dashboards offer a structured overview of the whole process chain. 

Enjoy the benefits of customized solutions with extensible functions and the possibility of steering your product right from the start in the direction you choose. Added value for your production from the very beginning.

Digitalization is not a hype. It is a process for optimizing the efficiency of a plant.

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Reduce your carbon footprint
Predictive Energy Management

The demand for energy and resources is steadily increasing. Intelligent solutions are needed to achieve a sustainable balance between economic growth and environmental responsibility. Effective energy and sustainability management is therefore of central importance for the metals and process industry and has a decisive effect on its cost efficiency and carbon footprint.

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Solutions for optimized production planning
Predictive Production Planning

The dynamic changes in market demands, triggered by the Internet of Things, require considerably shorter modernization cycles as we head towards Industry 4.0. Increasing volumes of data and new means of exchanging information are resulting in closer collaboration between integrated plant and automation system suppliers and plant owners/operators and end users.

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Software solutions for quality optimization
Predictive Product Quality

Even today, quality management is not an automated process in most rolling mills. A great deal of time and effort is invested in quality monitoring by plant personnel, for example to determine the exact cause of defects. Deviations in the quality data require the monitoring personnel to take decisions and any relevant action, such as redirecting or, in the worst case, scrapping a coil, which leads to losses.

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Predictive Asset Health

Many plant processes in companies have already been digitalized. However, the evaluation of the generated data is very time-consuming. Our smart maintenance solutions make it possible to carry out automatic system-wide analyses, thus improving quality and efficiency. These products and solutions focus on aspects such as plant availability, inventory management, and maintenance planning.