Asset Optimization


Smart maintenance solutions

Solutions for optimal product lifecycle management

Many plant processes in companies have already been digitalized. However, the evaluation of the generated data is very time-consuming. Our smart maintenance solutions make it possible to carry out automatic system-wide analyses, thus improving quality and efficiency. These products and solutions focus on aspects such as plant availability, inventory management, and maintenance planning. This is where SMS digital offers just the right tools that can be perfectly integrated into existing system environments and are seamlessly aligned with each other: Problems in the plant are first detected by Genius CM and forwarded to Smart Alarm to inform the maintenance personnel. Using eDoc, suitable spare parts can be identified and ordered so that a visual plant inspection can be planned using the production planning software MES 4.0. IMMS coordinates the personnel, tools and materials required for this task – precisely and on schedule.

Smart Alarm


All alarms clearly displayed

Smart Alarm is a smart alarm management system, which supports plant operators and maintenance personnel in their everyday work and improves plant availability and productivity. The software offers better monitoring of the vast number of alarms that are triggered in plants every day, and can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

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Challenges adressed:

  • Relevant alarms get overlooked.
  • Inhomogeneous automation infrastructure.
  • Unused machine information.
  • Unevenly distributed plant knowledge within the maintenance personnel.


  • Single source of truth for each alarm.
  • Increase system availability.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and time.
  • Concentrate on relevant alarms.
  • Share plant know-how.
  • Analyze alarms and achieve deeper insights and improved maintenance measures.
  • Identify unusual plant conditions.
  • Benefit from continuous application improvements.

Process Condition Analyzer

Intelligent and autonomous monitoring of production processes

In order to keep your production processes optimally under control and to be able to make efficient decisions, you need comprehensive knowledge of the origin and significance of your plant data. The Process Condition Analyzer (PCA) assists you with the intelligent interpretation of these data, so that downtimes can be reduced and maintenance activities can be improved.

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Challenges adressed:

  • Prediction on machine failure & process insufficiencies.
  • Proactive production scheduling based on plant and process condition.
  • Real-time insights into plant condition.



  • Predictive process supervision.
  • Control the healthiness of the process, equipment and its impact to product quality and production planning.
  • Early identification of process deficiencies and unsuitable production parameters.
  • Automatic process supervision and operator support.
  • Increasing transparency and visibility of all process and production related data across the whole process chain.


Genius CM®

The intelligent early warning system

Avoid faults before they occur

The Genius CM® Condition Monitoring Software is a modular online screening system for permanent monitoring of steel plants that records the process data of your plant. You will continuously receive live information on the condition of the components as well as warning messages whenever you need to take action.

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Challenges adressed:

  • High demand on availability, productivity and quiality.
  • Time consuming and costly process of dismantling machines for inspection.
  • High inventory cost to afford break down.


  • Plant wide operating condition monitoring system.
  • Detecting failure before they occur.
  • Full utilization of component service life for lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Higher / more reliable product quiality with special process optimization tools.
  • Cost savings due to avoidance of unnecessary or too-frequent maintenance / repair.


All maintenance tasks at a glance

The IMMS® integrated maintenance management system makes maintenance processes more transparent and efficient. Designed and built in conjunction with steel manufacturers, the IMMS® combines computer-assisted maintenance with valuable data and maps both plant-specific and customer-specific in one complete package.

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Challenges adressed:

  • Coordination of maintenance and production plannig.
  • Recording of relevant breakdown information.
  • Provision of the required spare parts and information according to the respective maintenance order.



  • Optimize and Plan Maintenance.
  • Higher plant efficiency at optimized maintenance costs.
  • Complete supply and integration of the basic data necessary for maintenance.
  • Stable, reliable production conditions achieved with reliabilitycentered maintenance and scheduled downtimes.


Digital Plant Documentation

The digitalization of technical plant documentation offers you new possibilities of efficiency increase and is an important step on the way to the 'learning steel plant'. SMS group Technical Services provides you with an electronic parts catalog: that is technical plant documentation in a cloud solution.

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Challenges addressed:

  • Poorly organized plant documentation leads to loss of time and costs
  • Different structures and formats make it difficult to identify spare parts
  • In the event of downtimes, spare parts must be able to be procured quickly. 


  • Overall plant transparency from site to single part via integrated data structures-/views
  • Smart and fast navigation through the total equipment
  • Part identification via equipment trees, drawings with hotspots and flexible search functions
  • Improved parts management by same parts search functions