Genius CM® – the intelligent early warning system

Avoid faults before they occur

The Genius CM® Condition Monitoring Software is a modular online screening system for permanent monitoring of steel plants that records the process data of your plant. You will continuously receive live information on the condition of the components as well as warning messages whenever you need to take action. With Genius CM, you can bring quality and availability to a whole new level.

The sensors installed on all important plant components along the process chain constantly transmit measured data to Genius CM®, which - unlike other systems - compares the measured values with the process data. The software then compares these findings with the tolerances and triggers an alarm if limit values are exceeded. In this way, considerable damage from overloading and unforeseeable consequential damage can be prevented before it happens.

What is unique about Genius CM® is its modular design, meaning it can be adapted to individual requirements, and suitable modules can be added as and when required. What's more, the plant builder's knowledge of design limits and specific load tolerances is already built into Genius CM® before any plant damage can occur. So, from individual component monitoring to integrated plant monitoring, everything is possible.

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