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Smart Alarm is a smart alarm management system, which supports plant operators and maintenance personnel in their everyday work and improves plant availability and productivity. The software offers better monitoring of the vast number of alarms that are triggered in plants every day. In addition, the application can be individually adapted to the users personal needs. With its intelligent visualization, Smart Alarm helps to prioritize alarms and provides a direct link to proposed solutions – in this way, important decisions can be made faster, thus significantly reducing production costs and downtimes. Automated notifications and intelligent analyzes speed up troubleshooting – Smart Alarm helps you to detect alarms and important interrelationships in the data before they are overlooked.

In production plants, data are extracted from various systems. With Smart Alarm, you have a central software that collects and evaluates these data. It can be connected to any plant, irrespective of the equipment manufacturer or automation system, and can be called up in real time from any mobile device.

Implementation is quick and easy: Smart Alarm can usually be installed in less than 48 hours via a remote connection in the customer's plant. SMS digital also provides the necessary service infrastructure and uses Smart Alarm as a software as a service (SaaS) solution. This means that Smart Alarm is hosted centrally by SMS digital, and customers are automatically provided with software updates and enhancements.

Product Fact sheet
Smart Alarm

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