Energy Platform

Viridis is an integrated Energy, Resources, and Sustainability Management Platform for energy-intensive process industries. The platform exploits the power of IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and other Industry 4.0 technologies to significantly reduce energy and resources consumption, while improving efficiency, planning, and management. 

Process industries invest a substantial portion of their costs in energy and resources, with large, complex energy matrices, several different energy suppliers, and supply contracts of hundreds of millions of dollars. The problem is that energy use (and misuse) and its costs are often undermanaged, with little or no accountability for energy spending, which makes it even more challenging to improve and sustain energy efficiency. Furthermore, inaccurate energy forecasting and planning, poor costing, and ineffective management workflows, make this a fertile terrain for smarter, digital management solutions. 

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The Viridis Energy, Resources, and Sustainability management applications include: 

  • Tracking: monitoring and improving energy, resources, and sustainability performance. 
  • Execution: integrating people, processes and systems towards energy efficiency and operational excellence. 
  • Efficiency: artificial intelligence and advanced analytics for energy and operational efficiency. 
  • Costing: improving accountability through energy direct cost management. 
  • Portfolio: prioritizing, executing, measuring and verifying energy performance improvement initiatives. 
  • Planning: energy consumption and generation forecasting, simulation and optimization. 
  • Contracts: energy contract management, simulation and execution. 
  • Invoices: energy invoice automatic capture, audit and payment. 
  • Budgeting: customizable Business Process Management approach to orchestrate energy budgeting and monitor its execution. 

Together, Viridis applications help industries improve process efficiency, reduce energy and resource waste, improve energy generation, and reduce emissions and carbon footprint. Advanced planning features help reduce the cost of resources, increase generation revenue, and improve the resource supply-demand fit. Overall, Viridis digital management capabilities help enhance governance and transparency over energy and resources, while optimizing team productivity, improving accountability on costs and performance, reducing operational and financial risks, and advancing compliance for corporate processes.

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