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Software solutions for quality optimization

Even today, quality management is not an automated process in most rolling mills. A great deal of time and effort is invested in quality monitoring by plant personnel, for example to determine the exact cause of defects. Deviations in the quality data require the monitoring personnel to take decisions and any relevant action, such as redirecting or, in the worst case, scrapping a coil, which leads to losses. At SMS digital, you will find all the right solutions to bring your quality management system to the next level and benefit from learning algorithms that allow you to respond to growing demands.

QES - Quality Execution System


Quality Execution System

The user-friendly concept of the QES Quality Execution System enables the systematic introduction of an automatic coil release system for all production lines. QES captures and pools the quality data from various process stages. The software monitors, records, and ensures product and process quality along the whole production chain – from the raw material to the surface-finished final product.

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Challenges addressed:

  • Continuous process deviations and plant conditions effect overall product quality.
  • Certification of product quality along the entire process chain.
  • Reduction of human impact in product quality.
  • 100% "Quality Control" for each product.
  • Track and match every detail of the produced quality with the end-customer specification.
  • Allow quality-experts to focus on quality & process deviations.


  • Automatic quality decision support including quality certificates.
  • Early identification of process deficiencies and unsuitable product quality.
  • React to process deviation in real-time.
  • Certify product quality along the entire process chain.
  • Increasing transparency and visibility of all quality related data across the process chain.
  • Maximize prime quality rating.
  • Data transparency, supporting early identification of process and quality deviations.
  • Less internal downgrades.
  • Less customer complaints.
  • Faster throughput.

MPV App - Mechanical Properties Variability

Take the final step in steel production technology

The MPV app is a web-based technology module that allows optimization of mechanical properties such as yield strength, tensile strength and elongation along the entire process chain. Understanding the effect of all process parameters on the mechanical properties was never that easy. Every piece of information is available at just a few clicks.

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Challenges addressed:

  • Failing to reach the required mechanical properties lead to downgrading and thus economic loss.
  • Downgrading involves side effects as production schedules need to be adapted.
  • Stabilizing the production process by increasing the alloy content leads to high raw material cost.
  • In-depth understanding of metallurgical effects along the entire process chain is complex and time-consuming.
  • Available data that could be used for process improvement is wasted.


  • Avoid value loss of downgraded material due to missed required mechanical properties.
  • Avoid interference of production schedules due to replacement orders.
  • Reduce alloy cost while keeping the product quality high.
  • Get insights in the relation between technological process parameters and your product quality – for every product segment.

Metallics Optimizer

Smart system for calculating feedstock in electric steelmaking

Metallics Optimizer uses artificial intelligence techniques to forecast the amount of undesired tramp elements in the scrap before it is melted. The Metallics Optimizer uses this forecast to calculate the lowest-cost composition for the melt's feedstock by means of an optimization algorithm.

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Challenges addressed:

  • Lack of knowledge of the chemical composition of the scrap means a large amount of expensive raw materials is used.  
  • Low-cost scrap with unwanted tramp elements puts product quality at risk.
  • The costs of producing the melt are not transparent.


Artificial Intelligence... 

  • Provides information on the chemical composition of scrap.
  • Optimizes charge mixes for entire sequences
  • Reduces costs in production and ensures quality at the same time.

Cracks Preventer

Cracks Risk Assessment for Caster Systems

Cracks Preventer is an artificial intelligence system built with the metallurgical expertise of SMS group. It is designed to predict any defects that can occur during casting along with the breakouts, that can be caused by them. 

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  • Reduce number of LFC’s in Production
  • Reduce LFC induced Breakouts
  • Minimize the downgrade cost due to LFC’s
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • SMS group metallurgy expert approved Counter measure suggestions


Maximum flexibility and freedom:

  • it can be purchased as a whole package or can be applied to specific customizer defects.
  • it can be offered as an on cloud or on edge solution.
  • performance based or subscription-based pricing model is possible

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