MPV App - Mechanical Properties Variability

Take the final step in steel production technology

The MPV app is a web-based technology module that allows optimization of mechanical properties such as yield strength, tensile strength and elongation along the entire process chain. Understanding the effect of all process parameters on the mechanical properties was never that easy. Every piece of information is available at just a few clicks – for every product segment of interest to you. Take the final step in steel production technology.

The mechanical properties of steel can vary greatly, depending on steel grade and process design. All technological decisions will affect the development of the steel microstructure. Understanding the complex relations between all the parameters along the process chain is quite a challenge. The MPV app focuses on these relations: At its core, powerful mathematical models describe the influence of process data such as rolling temperature, reduction per pass, cooling rate or annealing temperature (in addition to hundreds of other sensor readings) on yield strength, tensile strength and elongation to fracture.

You can analyze general figures, or use complex filters to understand the specific effect on any product segment characterized for example by the type of product, the steel grade or the product geometry. By doing so, it is also possible to determine the best options for further processing in the case of deviations in the upstream process steps. Genuinely thorough process optimization becomes possible with the MPV app.

In this way, the optimum process route can be defined, which will result in lower downgrade rates and allow savings on raw material cost – if the reduced alloy content can be compensated for by a modified process.

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