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Solutions for optimized production planning

The dynamic changes in market demands, triggered by the Internet of Things, require considerably shorter modernization cycles as we head towards Industry 4.0. Increasing volumes of data and new means of exchanging information are resulting in closer collaboration between integrated plant and automation system suppliers and plant owners/operators and end users. Production lead times must be minimized and a high level of adherence to delivery deadlines must be achieved. At the same time, resources must be optimally utilized with reduced stock, and maximum yield must be attained to ensure profitability. This is where SMS digital offers a variety of different software solutions that employ methods of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis to monitor all production steps along the entire process chain.

MES 4.0 - Manufacturing Execution System

Efficient production planning

MES 4.0 makes your factory smart

The MES 4.0 manufacturing execution system is the holistic, modular solution for planning and controlling the whole metallurgical process chain and all production facilities as part of upgrades, expansions, or new integrated plants.

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Challenges addressed:

„Sales manages production, where production should manage sales“


  • Maximized utilization of plants production capabilities.
  • Reduced stock levels.
  • Faster order processing. 
  • Special handling of urgent orders.
  • Better available to promise (ATP) performance.
  • Greater amount of hot charging.
  • Coordination of the production for superordinate material tracking.

Demand Planning & Pre-Grouping

Enhanced demand planning and pre-grouping of your products

Many companies strive to optimize their productivity by managing the orders they receive in an effective and efficient way. To achieve this goal, however, two conditions have to be fulfilled: The first is the precise forecasting and planning of future demand and customer orders. Then, this plan and the resulting processes need to be optimized far in advance, in order to attain the relevant efficiency targets, transition and energy costs, inventories, and on-schedule delivery. We give you the right tools that enable you to implement this efficiently.

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Challenges addressed:

  • In many cases, order books take only two months of production planning into account. In reality a forecast of up to six months is often required.
  • Exact information on operational capacities is needed so that the sales team can meet the desired product volume and product mix.
  • Critical data that enable revenue, profitability, and efficiency levels for the whole plant to be maximized are often only indirectly available.
  • The ability to automate the creation of groups and sequences six to eight weeks in advance is very limited.
  • Optimization is primarily driven by predefined campaigns and heuristics-based sequencing rules. This leads to planning deficiencies.
  • Existing solutions lack a user-friendly system of visualization.


  • More reliable order promises to customers and optimized order placement for sales.
  • Balanced order book.
  • High level of manufacturing efficiencies, reduced transition costs, optimized inventory levels.
  • Improved input for following production planning systems like Line Sequencing.

Business Intelligence Tool

Business Intelligence enables KPI driven Management

Web-enabled reporting is a real challenge for many customers. Different data sources and different systems require a high degree of integration.

X-Pact Business Intelligence, powerd by Qlik, helps you to consolidate large amounts of data and present them in an interactive web-based reporting. Today, intelligent data analysis is the key to faster decision making in order to promote sustainable cost reductions and optimize business processes.

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Challenges addressed:

  • Operations: “How good did we utilize the plant in the last month?”
  • Operations: “How good performed the production unit A regarding target values?”
  • Planning: “Do we deliver and produce in time?”
  • Planning: “What is the average throughput on plant unit B when running material A?”
  • Planning: “How much losses we have due to product or process transitions?”
  • Quality: “What is the downgrade ratio on a certain product type?”
  • Logistics: “How much material is on stock and what is the average stock time?”
  • Logistics: “Do we have the right amount of the right material available in front of the next production unit?”
  • Maintenance: “Which supplier delivers the most reliable components?”


  • Interactive Data Analysis, easy to use and to navigate, explore data sets using simple natural interactions such as selections and search functionality
  • Creating reports using drag and drop functions, integrate data from different sources like text files, Excel, relational and non-relational database systems, web based data a.s.o.
  • Web based technology, supporting mobile devices using responsive design
  • Centralized User Management, supporting standard authentication mechanism (for example Active directory), Single Sign On, automated cyclic refresh for dashboard content
  • Export of data to Excel, Dashboards and Dashboard elements to PowerPoint and PDF

Warehouse Manager

Fast and efficient management of transfer orders

Warehouse Manager is an innovative system used in warehousing and materials management and is part of the support and optimization module of the MES 4.0 system. The software enables optimum vertical networking of the production facilities and units along the whole process chain.

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Challenges addressed:

  • Accurately allocate material within the plant.
  • Plan and schedule material transportation.


  • Combinatorial optimization in the creation of transport orders
  • Integration of fully automatically operated vehicles
  • 3D warehouse overview with extensive colour coding for material and storage location
  • Control station available as UWP, iOS or Android App
  • Mobile stations can continue to work even when WLAN is interrupted

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