Demand Planning & Pre-Grouping

Enhanced demand planning and pre-grouping of your products

Many companies strive to optimize their productivity by managing the orders they receive in an effective and efficient way. To achieve this goal, however, two conditions have to be fulfilled: The first is the precise forecasting and planning of future demand and customer orders. Then, this plan and the resulting processes need to be optimized far in advance, in order to attain the relevant efficiency targets, transition and energy costs, inventories, and on-schedule delivery. We give you the right tools that enable you to implement this efficiently: Step 1 is covered by the Demand Planning app and Step 2 by the Pre-grouping app from SMS digital.

Production planners are often faced with a variety of challenges when it comes to putting this into action on their own. Large numbers of orders from various customers with different requirements result in a vast array of parameters, so optimizing production planning processes becomes a complex task.

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Demand Planning

What you get with our "Demand Planning" app is a production plan that groups together your final products as a total of the tons produced per week – for a period of six months. You can use the drill-down navigation function to call up product categories with specific features and obtain all the available data as and when required. A demand forecast is created on the basis of the data that are relevant for you and gives you planning recommendations. 

It also shows the current orders on hand by way of comparison. In this way, planners can easily turn the forecasts into reality: our capacity planning solution helps you to fine-tune future production orders. This makes the process of committing to customer orders more reliable and optimizes the placement of orders for the sales team. The result, in turn, is a balanced order book.

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Our Pre-grouping app is a solution that groups future production orders for each major production line into sets. These groups can be created in line with common product features, such as the steel grade or chemical properties, for example, and using time-based rules. In addition, various KPIs can be included in the decision-making process. The size of the group created is directly determined by the Demand Planning app.

The Pre-grouping app offers you crucial advantages for your production: not only do you achieve greater production efficiency but you also reduce transition costs and optimize your inventories at the same time. Therefore, the data you input for subsequent production planning and sequence planning are optimized directly.