MES 4.0 - Manufacturing Execution System

Efficient production planning

The  MES 4.0 manufacturing execution system is the holistic, modular solution for planning and controlling the whole metallurgical process chain and all production facilities as part of upgrades, expansions, or new integrated plants.From the customer's order to the finished product - the customized  MES 4.0 concept supports plant operators with flexible production planning, factory-wide real-time material tracking, and continuous performance optimization. Like all modular software solutions from SMS digital, MES 4.0 employs the methods of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis to monitor all production steps along the entire process chain – that is how you achieve dynamic production.


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Seamless vertical and horizontal connectivity, optimization algorithms and data-controlled models, in particular, improve the flexibility of production planning without adversely impacting operational productivity or stability. With MES 4.0 you gain precise knowledge of how to produce a final product with the desired properties with less material and a greater level of reliability. This will considerably increase your profit.

MES 4.0 can be used in melting shops, casting plants, flat rolling mills, tube mills, strip processing lines, etc. Thanks to its modular structure, MES 4.0 can be supplemented with further applications and easily integrated into existing IT landscapes. The entire process can be optimally tracked, from receipt of the customer order to the product leaving the plant.