Warehouse Manager

Fast and efficient management of transfer orders
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Warehouse Manager is an innovative system used in warehousing and materials management and is part of the support and optimization module of the MES 4.0. The software enables optimum vertical networking of the production facilities and units along the whole process chain. It provides solutions for the centralized management of all master and production data and monitors stocks for your entire production line. Products in the warehouse can be identified quickly and efficiently using the barcode scanning solution on your smartphone. That means you can avoid problems associated with mix-ups or typing errors.

Aimed at executing the production sequences in the planning system (ERP/MES) for transfer orders in such a way that the materials are in the right place at the right time, Warehouse Manager uses all available resources, such as transport vehicles and storage areas, as efficiently as possible. For example, your vehicle systems receive detailed transfer orders for every single movement, and information on the pick-up and drop-off position is always given. Cartesian coordinates describe the storage area and material items. From materials delivery through production lines up to dispatch, the transfer orders are created fully automatically using Warehouse Manager. Warehousing and transfer strategies can be stored and adapted to new circumstances.

  • Transfer operations are verified by vehicle feedback and sensor technology.
  • Warehouse sensors or photo-based image evaluation technology check actual material items.
  • An alarm is generated (e.g. via e-mail) if there are discrepancies between the actual and virtual material item.
  • Operators work autonomously with replicated data.
  • Mobile stations (tablets or smartphones) continue working even if the wireless network connection is temporarily interrupted.

Warehouse Manager takes into account the current warehousing and vehicle situation and finds the optimum combination of the two to determine the ideal transfer orders.
A 3D overview of the warehouse, including an extensive color coding system for materials and storage areas, gives you an in-depth look at your inventory. What's more, vehicles that are operated fully automatically can be easily integrated. The mobile control station is available as a UWP, iOS, or Android app.

Product Fact sheet
WareHouse Manager

Click here to download our Warehouse Manager fact sheet for further information.

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