The learning steel plant


SMS digital's vision of the learning steel plant

Steelmaking in the age of digitalization calls for new approaches. The demands for more efficient and sustainable production processes are growing all the time, and the higher level of automation calls for modular solutions that create connectivity. Smart solutions from SMS digital turn your production facility into a learning steel plant.

The learning steel plant is our vision of a holistically connected production facility, which uses intelligent pattern recognition algorithms to determine all scenarios in advance, draws the appropriate conclusions from real events, and continually trains and monitors itself by means of artificial intelligence. The concept focuses on forward-looking production planning, product quality assurance and monitoring of the plant condition.

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The main task of the learning steel plant is to turn data into information and information into value.

It makes use of all the advantages of innovative technologies to increase its productivity and user-friendliness and has an enormous positive effect on sustainable "green" steel production. In this way, we create a digital ecosystem for our customers to enable them to maximize profit right along the production chain. This is necessary not only to optimize everything from the delivery of materials through production up to distribution, but also to manage all of the machine data in particular, forecast process deviations and schedule maintenance activities. In real terms this means integrating smart sensor technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning into the equipment and processes that generates and provides data in real time.

The reason is simple:
By improving the performance of your machines and processes, you also ensure flawless condition of your products and avoid costs resulting from quality deviations and downtimes.

Based on human know-how, physical correlations, and complex mathematical models, which can be evaluated in real time, key performance parameters, such as product quality, processing time, deadline compliance, and output, can be improved. We are there to help you achieve this.